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01 Jun Freelancing ABC

A motivation for the young people of the Port City.

At present Bangladesh is facing a major problem called “No vacancy”. Young people of Bangladesh are mostly victim of it.
SAYS Chittagong has taken a creative initiative for the Youth society of the port City. The members of Community Development team, Chittagong has arranged a workshop named “Freelancing ABC”, where around 50 students were participated to gain knowledge regarding Freelancing.
Mizanur Rahaman Mizan, an Active Freelancer and co-founder of Inspire Chittagong was the trainer. He started the workshop by the discussion of the difference between outsourcing and Freelancing. He also told what a person need to work as a Freelancer. The most Important component of being a Freelancer is increasing skill. He showed many source and sectors of getting skilled. The Core Marketplaces were introduced to the participants. On these Marketplaces , they will be able to bid jobs, hire freelancers , give skill tests and so on.
Mizanur Rahaman discussed deeply on the various skills, a person need for being a Freelancer. After that, he showed how to get the payment from the marketplace.
Mizanur Rahaman finished his session by giving some tips and tricks of Freelancing. One of the participant named Nahid Hasan told, “I was really confused what is Freelancing, but today I got the clear concept on it”
After the workshop, Ruma Das, Director of American Corner Chittagong, gave a speech and thanked SAYS for organizing the workshop there.
Nishargo Nigar, A member of SAYS gave the finishing speech. Inzamum Ul Hoque Navin, leader, SAYS Chittagong, gave the Welcome Speech and explained about SAYS. The workshop was conducted by Masum Ahamad Iqbal, general Member, SAYS Chittagong.
Inspire Chittagong co-operated SAYS by the Trainer. American Corner Chittagong contributed with all supports.

P.C.-Mr. Gupta

SAYS members along with participants at Freelancing ABC event.

SAYS members along with participants at Freelancing ABC event.

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