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SAYSDiaries | SAYS Young Fellowship Award 2015
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16 Jul SAYS Young Fellowship Award 2015

I still consider myself extremely lucky to have made that far. Everyone was wondering whether he or she will ultimately receive the prestigious SAYS Young Fellowship Award, whereas I was acknowledging that the knowledge and capabilities that I had gained so far was not anything less valuable. I am talking about 18th June, 2015- the day when the first Young Fellows of SAYS were recognized.

Everyone decked out in their finest formal attires and brimmed with pride and joy. The day started with all the members facing the camera, talking about their colorful experiences so far. Later in the afternoon, all the parents of the respected members arrived to witness the contribution of their children to the society. It was indeed a moment when one could see tears of happiness! All the members, in turn, discussed about their leadership challenges and the events they had organized with the aim if peace and prosperity. I, for instance, spoke about “Tackling the Tremor”, which was launched under my leadership to provide guidelines and safety measures when tackling natural calamities like earthquakes.

Kashfia Farhin, similarly, talked about how her team carried out a workshop on leadership in a renowned school for girls in Dhaka. She earnestly requested everyone to promote leadership, particularly among women as they are often shy and not given enough support. Her words were really motivational.

The parents were exceptionally glad learning about the events we had organized. They were especially delighted to watch all the pictures and slides from our past events, which were effortlessly presented by our members in front of them. Afterwards, the awards ceremony commenced. At first, the SAYS Peace Message Winners were presented with their honors. Followed by that, all the members of 2014-15 were presented with honors for participating in the 100 hour fellowship challenge and for their tremendous effort towards the betterment of the society.

The names of the SAYS Young Fellows were finally announced after that, for which everyone was eagerly waiting for the past one year. Tahsin Fizora Khan Amina, Nurul Hasnat Ove, Tanvir Nabil, Poonam Raut, Tahrima Hossain, Abdullah Muhammed Arif, Inzamum-Ul-Hoque Navin and I were named SAYS Young Fellows: a tag we will be overjoyed at for the rest of our lives. We then came to an end of the glorious day with immense enthusiasm and zeal like a phoenix, promising yet another new beginning.

Tamanna A. Navila