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SAYSDiaries | Here’s what the SAYS Young Fellows have to say!
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16 Jul Here’s what the SAYS Young Fellows have to say!

  • “It’s incredible to be one of the very first SAYS Young Fellows! I love to work for SAYS and will keep on working for making a difference.”- Tahsin Firoza Khan Amina
  • “Being a SAYS Young Fellow is BIG so our next steps should definitely be bigger!”- Tamanna Alam Navila
  • “My parents are more delighted than I am so I’ll always be grateful to SAYS for this moment.”- Nurul Hasnat Ove
  • “Being a SAYS Fellow is an honor that I have earned by putting my skill set to use and by working hard rigorously. The journey has made me able to have an upper hand wherever I go and work. I plan to apply all my acquired skills in everyday life, in order to make my society peaceful and prosperous.”- Tanvir Nabil
  • “I feel good that my work got appreciation. It is a matter of pride for my whole team especially because this was completely unexpected. I am done with my internship now. Since I’m a scholarship student I’ll have bondage for 2 years with the health ministry. I plan to work in rural part of Nepal as a medical officer for the next two years and use the contacts I have gained during my working period as a medical team coordinator (of Bibeksheel Nepali) to improve and strengthen the health and sanitation system in the area I go to.”- Poonam Raut
  • “This fellowship award has increased my responsibility towards our community. I now want to work for the peace of mass people.”- Tahrima Hossain
  • “I am so thankful that I have been bestowed with such an honor by SAYS. It is truly a morale booster. I have strong belief and utmost respect for SAYS and I will use my capabilities at best for it.”- Abdullah Mohammed Arif
  • “I am feeling honored and more responsible. I would love to mobilize my own ideas for the youth community around South Asia in future.”- Inzamum-Ul-Hoque Navin
Tamanna A. Navila