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Let's Talk Failure


Success Stories Are Great — Failure Stories Are Even Better!

We all want to be successful. From a very tender age, we start learning about famous personalities and try to motivate ourselves by their wealth, power and of course, success. We start comparing ourselves with others; we get jealous when others achieve and most importantly, we give up when we fail. In school, we are taught that “Failure is the pillar of success”, but at the same time, we are warned to stay thousands of miles away from it. We “fail” to realise that success would not be praised if failure cease to exist. We have a goal- “success”- but we do not know the path to it-” failure”.
So, we, from SAYS, present you “Let’s talk Failure”, with untold stories that will inspire you to never give up and encourage you to be proud of who you are and what makes you, YOU!
Together we will learn how behind a successful person prevails someone like us – who has seen failure and built the stairs to success by it. Failure, too, is sweet. Why not talk about it?

Register to be a Speaker:

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You can record one minute video sharing your failure story in brief, upload the file on youtube and share the link here. Or you can give a link to your presentation using slideshare, if you have plan to use any.

Registration for Delegates:
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Towards Transformative Career 15

Next TTC date will be updated soon with the registration form.


Do you need guide to make a smart career, unfold your skills or extend your network?

Now-a-days all students, not just those from different populations, need to focus on their futures and to acquire the ability to become self-sufficient. The world of work continues to change dramatically, and while a 2-days exciting, informative and capacity building workshop can only provide a look into choices, it is a step towards opening up opportunities.

“SAYS develops and designs this transforming initiative titled ‘Towards Trans-formative Career’, to give the practical steps for visioning and achieving a memorable career in building prosperity”. The purpose of the program is to introduce students and young professionals to the wide range of career and educational opportunities available to them, including non-traditional occupational choices, to assist them in preparing for economic self-sufficiency. It is also meant to increase the completion rates of students in programs that lead to fresh graduate, additional career technical training, and gainful employment.

SAYS Young Fellowship Challenge 15-16

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The Young fellowship Challenge is most unique initiative by SAYS to its selected members is a life-changing learning experience where the members get facilitated with the necessary 21st century skills (life skills and inter personal communication skills) and boost their leadership qualities to design their perfectly desired career. Through this challenge, the members are groomed and mentored to develop their soft skills and intellectual abilities. This Young Fellowship Challenge creates the young ambassadors and empowers the members to the face of the community and potential leaders of tomorrow.

The members engage themselves into a number of activities based on the 5 Focused Areas of SAYS. The members are grouped in 5 teams under these 5 focused areas. Each of them need to work for a total of 100 hours in this challenge Each of the 5 teams consists of a Team leader and is facilitated by Facilitators.

N.B. The registration and the application process is free. Selected candidates will have to pay BDT 5000, or USD 80$ for enrollment and certification fee.

Registration form for the Fellowship program will be available here in August 2015.

Application for “Facilitator” is Open Now.

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