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Message from President   -   Of SAYS

Message from President

Unfolding the potential is the magic of this day. Once you can dig it, you can figure out the best of your possibilities. Our days are now equipped with blessings of modern techs, spirit of globalization and immense possibility of borderless collaboration. All these are signaling a new era for south Asia, a region of the world that can truly be pride of unique civilization and participation in the great wealth of human knowledge. Here diversity in unity is not beauty but in every day’s particle.

Here, the youth have many a times raised the matter why their best potentials are not explored and guided towards prosperity and development. From the views of the youth, it is found that there is the least participation in the process of decision making those determines our lives. Despite youth are the half of the entire population in this region, their voices left unheard and their brilliant ideas left untouched.

In this context, the youth minds believe that their hopes and aspirations should be determined by themselves. That dream is to be knocked through their efforts. Through this auspicious vision, the South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) came into being and we are moving towards our future.

It is grounded that making ways towards prosperity will substantiate endeavors towards peace. Prosperity will be achieved by undertaking challenges, developing enterprises, building communities, making citizens active and help each other building the right climate for development and thereby, our paths towards peace building will be in reach.

We strongly believe in and for which we are working for is to connect the future. We visualize living in a society which will be pluralistic in nature, all-faith embracing in behavior, lasting institutions of democracy in practice and welcoming in approach towards youth initiatives.


In fact, we are the future and it is our responsibility to build an even better future for south Asia.


Thank you


Towards Peace & Prosperity


Towfique Ahmad Khan

Founder & President

South Asian Youth Society (SAYS)

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