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Towards Trans-formative Career

 Towards Trans-formative Career by South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) started with a bang from the enthusiastic bunch of participants. Blending along a lot of excitement, interaction and enlightenment the First day has been a tremendous experience for the learners. With the presence of the esteemed guest panelist, the day long workshop included sessions on Social Media…     read more

Lets' Talk Failure

Success Stories Are Great -- Failure Stories Are Even Better!

We all want to be successful. From a very tender age, we start learning about famous personalities and try to motivate ourselves by their wealth, power and of course, success. We start comparing ourselves with others; we get jealous when others…     read more


Are you passionate about co-creating a positive change? Be the change! Get ready to be a part of the largest Youth Network of Peace building and enterprise in South Asia. Get READY TO BE A SAYS MEMBER The Young fellowship Challenge offered by SAYS is a life-changing learning experience where…     read more

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