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Values   -   Of SAYS


SAYS nurture the values to achieve its vision and serving the mission for the prosperous future for all South Asian Youth. The core values of SAYS are

A. Positivism- the idea of positivism that SAYS nurtures is not the theoretical and philosophical idea based on dogmatic assertiveness. Rather it is an idea of practical approach towards the challenges the youth are facing every day. It is believed by SAYS that each problem is a challenge and a challenge means learning, exploring, understanding the situation, self-confidence and state of mind that supports to be always proactive. SAYS believes there is the possibility of shine behind the darkest clouds.

B. Social Intelligence- Team work, open lines of communication, listening and speaking of one’s mind are the collective of social intelligence that SAYS implants in its activities and approaches.

C. Intra-preneurship- SAYS believes the young individuals have strong confidence in their own talents and they frequently desire to create something of their own. This is the practice of individual expression and best practice of freedom in the organizational structure. The value promotes to undertake any challenge that comply with the mission and vision of SAYS.

D. Borderless Collaboration- The first three values are practiced on the essence of universal values of freedom and there is no barrier of border, caste, class, creed, belief, religion and of any other imposed social discriminatory dogmas. We care each other because we live in diversity and we each have the humane feelings.

E. Selflessness- Everyone has the mindset to serve others as doing something good. This is an act of sacrificing one’s own interest for the greater good.

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