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15th September 2011,SAYS Members’ Orientation Day-2- a memorable afternoon for the members who finally made their way to it through tough application processes including writing essays, sending resumes, interviews even over phone or in Skype.

No sooner had the clock struck 1 than the American Centre Conference room got filled with the bunch of new talented minds. The program commenced sharp at 1’o clock with a welcome speech by the General Secretary of SAYS, Deepu Abdur, followed by the introduction session of the new members. The members introduced themselves briefly about their educational background and current working status. Shortly after this session, a power point presentation on SAYS: it’s mission, vision, the projects, events, achievements and future plans was highlighted by two of the senior members of SAYS- Ashraful Islam Rehan and Maruf Wali.

With an amazing immersion of the members into the consecutive sessions, the program continued in its flow and that is when embarked upon the third, hence the most interesting session: the “ice breaking” session. The members were divided into groups of 4 and about a minute was timed for them to know each other’s name. The serious silence till the last session was soon adopted by noises from every corner of the room; the members were keen to know each other’s’ names and as the time was over they were individually called up to speak out their partners’ names. The teams were also led with a challenge where they were given 15 minutes to discuss and put up suggestions on ‘The Best Potentials of South Asia’. Amazingly the teams came up with some fantastic points and came forward to share with the rest of the teams. Few of the featured points were based on rich culture, education, and utilization of manpower, advancing technology, exchange programs and many more. To make the sessions even more interesting, the teams were then provided with colorful balloons and was directed to blow them and write their names on those; in parallel they were provided with a paper where they had to present some innovative ways in which they could use those balloons. And once again the enthusiasts did not fail to present the power of their innovative minds with ideas like ‘we would blow the balloon and join them all together; each of them will represent the South Asian countries showing the bonding between them’ , written by one of the groups. The main aim and lesson for these sessions were to enhance the team work and foster the team building skills.

The orientation program wrapped up by around 4 o’clock with closing remarks by the Founder and President of SAYS, Towfique A Khan. The program sparked one idea that South Asian Youth have -a new approach towards the common future of all. The newer approach was that the youth thought of potentials and possibilities and they wanted to achieve them. Instead of choking themselves in many problems; they wanted to work for achieving something higher, something better and even more. The winners of the best ideas were given rewards. It was an eventful afternoon and a successful beginning of a new journey of the SAYS Members.


- Punna Islam.

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