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The celebration of the International Year of Youth and International Youth Day 2011 of SAYS was divided in two parts. The first segment was set for the official orientation. At around quarter past two, the second part of the event started which was designed exclusively for the new recruits of the SAYS. Here, all the new members were randomly divided into four groups. Each group was given a piece of Art paper along with a marker. The groups were asked to come up with a potential of Bangladesh that would be the most effective one in the future according to the group members. Every group was given only 6 minutes to brainstorm and jot down their ideas on the paper.

This activity was aimed to stimulate one of the main features of SAYS which is the positive approach towards everything. Living in a country that is full of negative forces the new recruits show their Excellency and came up with four brilliant potentials of Bangladesh. Through this activity almost everyone among the recruits got the chance to develop an amiable acquaintance with each other.

When the stipulated 6 minutes were over, each group was asked to choose a boy and a girl from their group to present their team’s idea in front of the judges and others as well. Four teams came up with four major potentials of Bangladesh like Software sector, Tourism, Democracy and Population. Every group got 2 minutes for this presentation and amazingly enough each one of them tried to make the best use of these 2 minutes. Their excitement and belief on the potentials of Bangladesh were vividly present in their presentation.

The three judges brought three different dimensions of this activity and the note of appreciation was there for every group in their voices. The program ended with a surprise for everyone as Mr. Sabir M. Amanullah, Alumni Outreach Coordinator of the American Center announced free membership of the library of the American Center to the new recruits of SAYS who were present there. Everyone grabbed this opportunity and with the utilization of that happy announcement all participants went back home with a bright hope of positive approach in their heart!

Shehreen Ataur Khan.

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